Saturday, March 14, 2009

My latest Project Bumble Bee Mittens

My latest FINISHED project are these felted bumble bee mittens. They are made from handspun yarn of merino/targhee, alpaca & kid mohair. I had made two similar pair last year for my neices and one of their friends saw them and fell in love and asked if they thought I would make some for her. I had way too many projects to finish so I kind of ignored the request but this winter while they were at school she asked my son if I might make her a pair of mittens. I figure if she has wanted them for an entire year and had not forgotten about them then she must REALLY want them. She didn't care what color so I asked my son what color her coat was and he said black and yellow and instantly I thought of bumble bees!

They are knit HUGE with tufts of dyed kid mohair sticking out and then felted.

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